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At the Rust World Foundation, our commitment to providing exceptional gaming experiences on our servers comes with a price. The operation and maintenance of high-quality gaming servers entail costs that we depend on the support of our dedicated users to cover. We humbly ask for your assistance in offsetting these expenses.

If you've been enjoying your adventures in Rust on our servers, we kindly request that you consider making a small donation to help sustain our community. By contributing, you become an integral part of the Rust World Foundation, enabling us to maintain the servers and continue delivering the optimal gaming environment you deserve.

Our donation packages start at an affordable $2.50, and every contribution, no matter how small, makes a meaningful impact. As a token of our gratitude, we're delighted to offer various in-game items exclusively to those who generously donate. These items are designed to enhance your gaming experience and provide an extra touch of appreciation for your support.

To proceed with your donation, simply click the donate link below. After selecting your product/item be sure to select the server of your choice from the list. Items purchased are per server and do not transfer from one server to another.

Rest assured that your contribution directly contributes to the sustainability and improvement of the server you select.

Looking for other ways to donate?

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  Click here for our secure donation portal.


Items are usually delivered 5 minutes after payment. If you are not online, you will receive your item when you next log in. If you hae not received your item after 10 minutes, type !admin to request admin assistance.
Anything purchased will be reset at the next server wipe, whether its weekly, biweekly, or monthly.
If you have purchased a kit, you can access it in the game from the Kits menu. Follow these instructions to download your kit.

1. Within Rust, Press "T" for the chat window.

2. In the global chat box, type /kit to see a list of all available kits.

3. Press "Redeem" next to the kit that you have purchased.
If you don't see your kit, press the blue arrows on the right to see more kits.

Some of the more resorce intensive kits (like Diamond or Platinum) must be redeemed multiple times to receive all items. You can redeem at any time before the monthly wipe.

The Armorer kit can be redeemed once per day (24 hour period) until the monthly wipe.
If you have purchased the package that contains every skin, you can access it in the game from the Skins menu. Follow these instructions to access the menu.

1. Within Rust, Press "T" for the chat window.

2. In the global chat box, type /skins to see the skins menu.

3. Drag the item you wish to skin from your inventory (on the left) to the skins menu (on the right).

4. When you find the skin you want, drag it back to the left into your inventory.

If the item does not stay on the right side, there may not be any skins for that item.

The skins menu contains all Steam/FacePunch approved skins that are available in the game. It is also possible to use unapproved skins from the Rust workshop.

1. Access the Rust Workshop at: https://steamcommunity.com/app/252490/workshop/

2. Locate the skin you want and click on it. Note the URL for the skin.
For example: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3003360875&searchtext

3. Within Rust, Press "T" for the chat window.

4. Take the id from the URL (see above) and import it into the Skins menu by typing /skinimport ID (i.e.: /skinimport 3003360875)

Once the skin is imported, you can follow the instructions above to skin an item.

To skin an item already deployed, follow these instructions.

1. Within Rust, aim at the item you wish to skin and press "T" for the chat window.

2. In the global chat box, type /si to see the skins menu.

3. All of the available skins for that item will show up on the right. Drag the skin you want to use into your inventory on the left. The item will now be re-skinned.

1. Within Rust, Aim at the sign you wish to skin and press "T" for the chat window.

2. In the global chat box, type /sil URL URL should be the complete url to a JPG image on the internet
For example /sil https://images3.alphacoders.com/260/260399.jpg

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